Truck Wheel Studs, Bolts & Nuts – truck Screw,LOBOY BPW Rear bolt FP-088

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    A Bolt is a threaded cylindrical rod which is used with a nut. It is used to join two pieces together with a nut. It is a type of fastener.

    A bolt is externally threaded. It may be fully threaded or partially threaded.

    The bolts are cylindrical in shape. They are the solid cylinders with a head. The solid cylindrical part is called the shank.

    The size of the bolt is large as compared with the nut.

    The bolts experiences tensile forces. It is the tensile stress that leads to its failure.

    The various types of bolts are Anchor bolt, Carriage bolt, Elevator bolt, Flange bolt, Hanger bolt, Hexagon bolt/Tap bolt, Lag bolt, Machine bolt, Plow bolt, Sex bolt, Shoulder bolt, Square head bolt, Stud bolt, Timber bolt, T-head bolt, Toggle bolt, U-bolt, J-bolt, Eye bolts, etc


    bolts are high-strength bolts that connect the vehicle's wheels. The connection point is the hub unit bearing of the wheel! Generally, the level 10.9 is used in miniature cars, and the level 12.9 is used in large and medium-sized vehicles! The structure of hub bolts is generally knurled and threaded! and a hat! Most of the T-shaped head hub bolts are grade 8.8 or above, which undertakes the high torque connection between the car hub and the axle! Most of the double-headed hub bolts are grade 4.8 or higher, and they are responsible for the connection between the outer hub shell and the tire of the car with a relatively light torque.



    Model Rear bolt
    SIZE 91*20


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