KING PING KIT KP-137 NISSAN king pin set for truck OEM:40025-90929

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The kingpin kit is a special spare part for car repair, which may include shaft or kingpin, bearings, bushings, caps, gaskets and some other accessories, suitable for the United States, Europe, Japan

With proper maintenance, a layer of grease ensures that the king pin does not make contact with the bushings. Less-than-ideal grease intervals or use of the incorrect grease will cause the protective layer of grease to break down, and the interior of the bushing will begin to erode due to the metal-on-metal contact. Maintaining proper lubrication is the key for the long life of the parts and the system overall.

 In addition to regular lubrication, it’s a good idea to check for steer axle king pin problems every time a truck is on a lift. Use a dial indicator to check for end play and keep a log of the findings. This end-play log will serve to indicate when part replacement becomes necessary, and it can help prevent premature tire wear. That’s because a worn king pin allows for too much end play in the tires; it’s much more efficient to detect a worn king pin by keeping a log than by observing fast-wearing tires.


1.Better thread engagement enables your car to withstand the rigors of your daily on-road drive.
2.Our Wheel bolt meets or exceeds the highest OEM proof load standards.
3.Thread size is stamped on every lug bolt for easy identification
4.Direct replacement - these wheel hub bolts match the fit and function of the original bolts on specific vehicle applications
5.Durable design - constructed of resilient and corrosion-resistant steel
6.Position specific - made precisely to securely mount the hub assembly to the wheel


A “king pin” may be defined as “a thing essential to the success of an operation,” so it’s no surprise that the steer axle king pin in a commercial vehicle is a supremely significant part. Proper maintenance is the key to prolonging the life of the crucial king pin, but no part lasts forever. When king pin wear occurs, get the labor-intensive replacement job done correctly the first time with a kit that provides high-quality parts and ease of installation.










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