Caterpillar has released two undercarriage systems, the Abrasion Undercarriage System and the Heavy-Duty Extended Life (HDXL) Undercarriage System with DuraLink.

The Cat Abrasion Undercarriage System is designed for performance in moderate- to high-abrasion, low- to moderate-impact applications.
It is a direct replacement for SystemOne and has been field tested in abrasive materials, including sand, mud, crushed stone, clay, and gravel.
The Cat Abrasion Undercarriage System is available factory installed, or as a replacement offering, on new Cat D1 to D6 (small to medium) dozers and legacy D3 to D6 models.
Cat Abrasion features rotating bushing technology, patented relieved tread idlers, and a proprietary cartridge design that dramatically improves sealability, the company says. Each of these improvements contributes to longer component wear life and a lower total cost of ownership.
Cat rotating bushing technology eliminates bushing turns in abrasive applications, as well as the damaging bushing scrubbing that occurs in high-speed reverse that reduces maintenance downtime. The system features patented Relieved Tread Idlers that eliminate contact between the idlers and the link rails, which greatly reduces link wear and results in up to two times longer idler life compared to traditional idlers, Cat says.
The Cat Heavy Duty Extended Life (HDXL) Undercarriage System with DuraLink is designed for longer wear life in low to medium-abrasion, moderate- to high-impact applications such as hard rock, landfill, and forestry. HDXL undercarriage is available for Cat medium and large dozers.
Factory installed or available as a replacement undercarriage, HDXL is available for both fixed roller and suspended undercarriage dozers ranging from the Cat D4 to D11 models (legacy Cat D6 to D11).

Post time: Nov-12-2021