Do you know all 8 tips for saving engine fuel?

1. The tire pressure must be good!

The standard air pressure of a car is 2.3-2.8BAR, generally 2.5BAR is enough! Insufficient tire pressure will greatly increase rolling resistance, increase fuel consumption by 5%-10%, and risk a tire blowout! Excessive tire pressure will reduce tire life!

2. Smooth driving is the most fuel efficient!

Try to avoid slamming on the accelerator when starting, and drive smoothly at a constant speed to save fuel. Congested roads can clearly see the road ahead and avoid sudden braking, which not only saves fuel, but also reduces vehicle wear and tear.

3. Avoid congestion and long idling

The fuel consumption of the engine when idling is far greater than the normal level, especially when the car is stuck in traffic, the fuel consumption of the car is the largest. Therefore, you should try to avoid congested roads, as well as potholes and uneven roads (long-term low-speed driving costs fuel). It is recommended to use the mobile map to check the route before departure, and select the unobstructed route displayed by the system.

4. Shift at a reasonable speed!

Shifting will also have an impact on fuel consumption. If the shifting speed is too low, it is easy to generate carbon deposits. If the shifting speed is too high, it is not conducive to saving fuel. Generally, 1800-2500 rpm is the best shifting speed range.

5. Don’t be too old to speed or speed

Generally speaking, driving at 88.5 kilometers per hour is most fuel efficient, increasing the speed to 105 kilometers per hour, the fuel consumption will increase by 15%, and at 110 to 120 kilometers per hour, the fuel consumption will increase by 25%.

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6. Don’t open the window at high speed~

At high speed, don’t think that opening the window will save fuel than opening the air conditioner, because opening the window will greatly increase the air resistance, but it will cost more fuel.

7. Regular maintenance and low fuel consumption!

According to statistics, it is normal for a poorly maintained engine to increase fuel consumption by 10% or 20%, while a dirty air filter can also lead to a 10% increase in fuel consumption. In order to maintain the best performance of the car, it is best to change the oil every 5000 kilometers and check the filter, which is also very important for the maintenance of the car.

8. The trunk should be cleaned frequently~

Clearing out the unnecessary things in the trunk can reduce the weight of the car and also achieve the effect of energy saving. The relationship between vehicle weight and fuel consumption is proportional. It is said that for every 10% decrease in vehicle weight, fuel consumption will also decrease by several percentage points.

Post time: May-03-2022