How to prevent scratches when parking, teach you several protective skills~

1.Be careful on the side of the road with balconies and windows

Some people have bad habits, spitting and cigarette butts are not enough, and even throwing things from high altitudes, like various fruit pits, waste batteries, etc. One member of the group reported that the glass of his Honda car downstairs was smashed by a rotten peach thrown from the 11th floor, and another friend’s black Volkswagen had a flat hood knocked out by a waste battery thrown from the 15th floor. What is even more frightening is that on a windy day, the flower pots on some balconies will be blown down if they are not fixed properly, and the consequences can be imagined.

2.Try not to occupy other people’s “fixed parking spaces”

The parking spaces on the side of the road in front of some shops are considered by some people to be “private parking spaces”. It’s okay to park once or twice. Parking here frequently for a long time is especially vulnerable to retaliation, such as painting, puncturing, and deflation. , smashing glass, etc. may happen, in addition, be careful not to stop and block other people’s passages, and it is easy to be retaliated.

3.Take care to keep the best lateral distance

When two cars park side by side on the side of the road, the horizontal distance is famous. The most dangerous distance is about 1 meter. 1 meter is the distance that the door can be knocked, and when it is knocked, it is almost the maximum opening angle of the door. That’s almost maximum line speed and maximum impact force, which will almost certainly knock out the cavities or damage the paint. The best way is to keep as far away as possible, park at 1.2 meters and above, even if the door is opened to the maximum opening, it will not be accessible. If there is no way to stay away, simply stick to it and keep it within 60 cm. Because of the closeness, the position of everyone opening the door and getting on and off the bus is tight, and the movements are small, but it is fine.

4.Be careful when parking under a tree

Some trees will drop fruit in a certain season, and the fruit will be broken when dropped on the ground or on the car, and the juice left behind is also very viscous. It is easier to leave bird droppings, gums, etc. under the tree, which are highly corrosive, and the scars on the car paint are not treated in time.

5.Stop carefully near the water outlet of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner

If the air-conditioning water gets on the car paint, the marks left will be difficult to wash, and it may have to be polished or rubbed with sand wax.

Post time: Apr-25-2022