What features do you have in your car that you didn’t know about?



Automatic headlight function

If there is the word “AUTO” on the light control lever on the left, it means that the car is equipped with automatic headlight function.

The automatic headlight is a sensor on the inside of the front windshield, which can sense changes in ambient light; if the light becomes dim, it can automatically turn on the headlights to improve driving safety; add the automatic headlights when parking at night and forget to turn off the automatic headlights. The car key will also automatically turn off this function, so as to avoid the battery loss caused by the headlights not being turned off.

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rearview mirror heating

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Front windshield washer

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One-click defogging of the front windshield

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cruise control

Cruise control system, also known as cruise control device, speed control system, automatic driving system, etc. Its function is: after the switch is closed at the speed required by the driver, the vehicle speed is automatically maintained without stepping on the accelerator pedal, so that the vehicle runs at a fixed speed.

This feature usually appears on high-profile vehicles

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Automatic transmission shift lock knob

This button is next to the automatic transmission. It is a small button, and some will be marked with the word “SHIFT LOCK” on it.

If the automatic transmission model fails, the lock button on the gear lever will be invalid, which means that the gear cannot be changed to the N gear for towing, so this button will be installed near the automatic transmission gearbox. When the vehicle fails Press the button and shift the gear to N at the same time.

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Anti-dazzle adjustment for interior rearview mirror

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Sun visors block side sunlight

We all know that the sun visor can block the sunlight from the front, but the sun from the side can also be blocked. Do you know this?

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trunk sensor

Some high-end models are equipped with a trunk sensor opening function. You only need to lift your foot close to the sensor on the rear bumper, and the trunk door will automatically open.

However, it should be noted that when the trunk is opened by induction, the gear must be in the P gear, and the car key must be on the body to be effective.

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long press the key

This is an important safety feature.

When driving and encountering a traffic accident, the door may be deformed seriously and cannot be opened due to the impact of external force, which will bring difficulties to the escape of the occupants in the car. Therefore, in order for the people in the car to escape smoothly, many manufacturers are now equipped with switches in the trunk. Once the door cannot be opened, the people in the car can put down the rear seats and climb into the trunk, and open the trunk through the switch. escape.

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Post time: May-13-2022