What should be paid attention to in car power system maintenance?

Powertrain Importance

The power system is the key to the operation of the whole vehicle. If the power system can be kept healthy, it will save a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Check the powertrain

First of all, the power system is healthy and the oil quality is very important. To learn to check the oil quality, you must first check the oil, transmission oil, brake oil, power steering oil, and then gasoline.

Check the oil to pay attention to 2 points

1. Check the oil quantity of the oil. First, change it every 5,000 kilometers or half a year. The oil inspection should pay more attention to the increase before measuring.

gearbox oil

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The key points of the transmission oil, one is the oil quantity and oil quality, the other is the frequency of replacement, the transmission oil should be checked first after shifting.

brake fluid inspection

Brake oil inspection is also very important, it will directly affect the brake pedal, so the amount of brake oil and oil quality are important. The method of inspection is to open the brake pot near the musket and see the brake oil in the pot. If it turns black and yellow, It means that it needs to be replaced. The correct replacement frequency is 20,000 kilometers or once a year and a half.

engine oil check

As long as the engine oil is checked, it is enough to check the oil level. Everyone knows this well.

petrol check

The gasoline inspection should pay attention not to wait until the gasoline is in the end before refueling, otherwise the wear and tear will be great.

Post time: Apr-29-2022