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Fortune is a specialized automotive solution provider that has been providing its services for over 5 decades now. we provide end to end solutions catered specifically for our customers to suits their markets and their customer’s demands.
We have over 100,000 engineering and automotive products in our range that covers a wide area of applications such as Trucks, Trailers, LCVs, Cars and so on.
Due to strong demand from our customers, we have over time transformed ourselves from just a product oriented company to a service oriented and distribution company. From our own manufactured products to our sourced products, from being you’re sourcing & supply chain partner in India to providing distribution at your door step, we are your one stop solution to everything automotive or anything engineering.

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First, what exactly is a U-bolt? It’s a bolt that’s shaped like—you guessed it—the letter “u.” It’s simply a curved bolt with threads on each end. The curved shape makes it easy to hold piping or tubing securely against beams.U-bolts have a round bend commonly used to attach pipes or round steel to a post with a flat or round profile with the aid of brace or bracket. Like square u-bolts they can also be embedded in concrete as a hold bolt anchor.Round u-bolts custom manufactured from M12 to M36 in diameter to any specification. Provided usually in galvanising finish but also can be supplied in plain steel or made from 304 and 316 stainless steel upon request.


How to Install a U-Bolt
Follow these five steps to ensure your U-bolt is installed correctly.
Step 1: Remove the Nuts
The U-bolt will probably come with nuts attached to its threads. Start by taking the nuts off each side of the bolt.
Step 2: Position the U-Bolt
Place the U-bolt around the object you’re attaching to the beam or support. This object is usually piping or tubing.
Step 3: Examine Your Holes
Next, make sure you properly drill holes through the support structure. If you’ve drilled through the beam, make sure you haven’t damaged its protective coating. Cracks in the coating can lead to rusting around holes. At this stage, it’s smart to touch up the beam’s surface around holes before adding your bolts.
Step 4: Thread the Bolt Through
Push the two bolt ends through the holes and thread the nuts on each end of the U-bolt.
Step 5: Fasten the Nuts
It’s good to note that nut placement on a restraint will be different from a guide. If you’re working with a restraint, you’ll want to tighten the nuts on the bottom side of the beam.

Our advantages

1.we can produce the u bolt by your drawing and samples.
2.we can supply packing by design under the instance of  law allowed.
3.we are one of the best and most recognized professions in U bolt productions enterprises that have more than 23-year manufacturing experience;
4.High quality and low price.All our products must to be inspected again by our QC(quality check) before setting out .
5.others can be consulted with us.
Selling points:Good-quality product with competitive price and satisfactory sales-service as our priority










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